Pidgin Bible

12 Feb

senny tamunowari (translator-pidgin bible) 12/2/13 GENESIS
[Heb:Bereshith-For di beginning ]

Chapter 1

1 When God [Elohim] been begin to create [bara] di heavens [shamayim] and di earth [erets] dem.
2 And di earth [erets] been dey with no shape [tohu], and been dey empty[vavohu]. And darkness [choshek] been dey for the top of the face [panim] of di deep. And di Spirit of God [Ruach Elohim] been dey move about for on top di face of di water[mayim] dem.
3 And God [Elohim] come talk say, make light [ohr] be, and light [ ohr] come be.
4 And God [Elohim] come see the light [ohr] say, hin dey good [tov]. And God [Elohim] come separate the light commot from di darkness [chosehek].
5 And God[Elohim] come call di light day[yom],and the darkness [choshek] hin come call night[lailah].And the evening[erev] and the morning[boker] come dey, dat na di first day[yom echad].
6 And God[Elohim] come talk say : make dome[raqia] come appear for inside di water, and make hin come divide di water dem(wey dey below) from di water dem ( wey dey above).
7 And God [Elohim] come make the dome [Raqia] for inside the water [mayim], and come take am divide di water dem wey dey for under di dome [raqia], from the water dem wey dey above di dome, and hin come happen like dat.
8 God [Elohim] come call di dome [Raqia] wey dey for the sky [heaven] [shamayim]. And di evening [erev] come dey, and di morning [boker] come dey, and dat na di second day [yom sheni].

9And God[Elohim] come talk say: Make di water[mayim] wey dey for under di heaven [shamayim]come gather together for one place, and say make di dry land [yabashah]come appear.
10 And God [Elohim] come call the dry land[yabashah] Earth[eretz], and di water dem way been gather together Hin come call sea [yammin]; and God[Elohim] come see say hin dey good[tov].
11 And God[Elohim]come talk say: Make the earth [eretz] bring grass commot, for the earth (and) grass[deshe] wey dey bring out seed[zera],and the fruit tree[ets]wey dey bring out fruit[peri] like hin kind, wey di seed dey inside am, and hin come happen like that.
12 And di earth[eretz] come bring out grass[deshe], and plant wey dey bring out seed[zera] like hin kind be, and tree[ets] dem, wey dey bring out fruit[peri] dem, wey their seed dem dey inside dem, like their kind be.
13 And the evening [ereb] come dey, and di morning[boker] come dey,dat na the third day[yom shelishi].

14 And God[Elohim] come talk say make light[ohr] come dey for di arch(dome)[raqia] wey dey for di heavens[shamayim] dem, say, make hin come separate di day[yom] from di night[lailah] ;and make hin come dey for signs[oth], for seasons[moed], for days [yamin],and for years[shanah] dem.
15 Make dem come be light [ohr] for di arch(dome)[raqia],wey dey for di sky[raqia]; and come dey give light for (on top) di earth. And hin come happen like that.
16 And God[Elohim] come make two big big lights[maor] dem; say make di one wey dey big pass,come dey rule di day[yom];and say make di smaller one come dey rule di night[lailah].Hin come make di stars[kobab] dem self.
17 And God[Elohim] come put dem for di arch(dome)[raqia] wey dey for di sky wey dey for heaven[shamayim], make dem come dey give light for on top the earth[eretz].
18 Say make dem dey rule[mashal] over di day[yom] and over di night[lailia]; and say make dem separate di light[ohr] from di darkness[choshek]; and God[Elohim] come see say hin dey good[tob].
19 And evening [ereb]come dey, and morning[boka] come dey,dat na di fourth day [yom rebii].
20 And God [Elohim] come talk say,make di water[mayim] dem,bring plenty plenty things dem commot , wey dey move,(and)wey get life[chaiyim] ; and make birds[oph] dem come dey fly pass for di open open arch(dome) [raqia], wey dey for di heaven[shamayim].
21 And God come create[bara] big big whales dem and every every creature dem wey dey alive, and wey dey move about,wey di water[mayim] dem been bring commot, wey dey plenty plenty well well, as their own kind be, and every bird[oph] wey get wings dem, like hin own kind be. And God [Elohim] come see say hin dey good[tob].
22 And God come bless[barak] dem, and come talk say: Make una dey fruitful (dey bear plenty plenty pikins dem), and come dey dey plenty well well, and come fill the water[mayim] dem well well, wey dey for di sea[yam] dem;and make birds[oph] dem, come dey plenty plenty, well well, for di earth[eretz].
23 And di evening [ereb] come dey , and morning[boker] come dey, dat na di fifth day [yom chamishi].
24 And God[Elohim] come talk say make di earth[eretz] bring living living [chaiyim] things dem commot, wey be like their kind be; cattle [behemah] dem ,(and) things dem wey dey move (for the ground),animals dem, wey dey live for di earth, as their kind dem be, and hin come happen like dat.
25 And God[Elohim] come make di animals dem wey dey for di earth[erets],as their kind be, and cattle [behemah]dem as their kind be, and every thing wey dey creep [remes]for di earth, like their kind be, and God[Elohim] come see say hin dey good[tub].
26 And God[Elohim]come talk say: Make we make man[adam] as our image[tselem ] be,and wey be like us[demuth],wey get power to rule[mashal] over di fish[dagah ] dem, wey dey for di sea[yam], and over di birds[oph ] dem wey dey for di air[shamayim], and over di cattle[behemah]dem, and over all di earth[eretz], and over every thing wey dey creep[rames ]for on top dis earth.
27 And God[Elohim]come create[bara] man[adam],for hin own image[tselem]. Na for God[Elohim] hin image wey hin been create am. Na male (man) [zakar ] and female(woman)[neqebah ]wey hin been create[bara] dem.
28 And God[Elohim] come bless[barak]dem. And God[Elohim] come talk say: Make una dey fruitful[ parah](born plenty plenty pikins dem),and come dey plenty well well,and make una come fill di earth[eretz] and dey rule[mashal ] over ram. And make una get (dominion) power to rule[radah] over di fish[dagah] wey dey for di sea[yam], and over di birds [oph] dem wey dey for di sky[shamayim],and over every every living living thing wey dey move for di earth[eretz].
29 And God[Elohim] come talk say: Look, I done give every plant[eseb] wey dey give seed[zera],wey dey for di face[panim] of all the earth[eretz], and every tree wey di fruit of di tree[ets], wey dey produce seeds dem, dey for inside am. Dem go be for food[oklah] for una.
30 And for every animal(beast)[chaiyah] wey dey for di earth[ erets ],and for every bird[oph ] wey dey for di sky[shomayim], and for everthing wey dey creep for di earth,wey get life[ chaiyim], I done give every green green plant [eseb]for food[oklah]; and hin come happen so.
31 God [Elohim] been see everything wey Hin been done make[asah], and look, dem dey good[tob], well well. And di evening[ereb] come dey,and di morning[boka] come dey, dat na di sixth day[yom shishshi].

Chapter 2________________________________________________________

1 Na so wey di heavens [shamayim] and di earth[eretz] dem come dey finished
[Kalah] and all di things dem wey dey for inside dem.
2 And for di seventh day, God[Elohim] come finish[kalah] di work[melakah] wey Hin been make. And Hin come rest [shabath] for di seventh day[yom shebii],from all di work[melakah] wey Hin been done do.
3 And God[Elohim] come bless [barak] di seventh day[yom shebii],and come make am holy(sanctify am)[qadash ],because say , na for inside am wey Hin been rest [shabath] from all Hin work [melakah ] wey Hin been create[bara ], and been do[asah].
4 Na dis be di story about how wey di heavens [shomayim] and di earth [eretz]been dey, when Dem been create[bara] dem; for di day wey di LORD God[YHVH Elohim] been create[ ] di earth and di heavens dem;
5 Before any plant [siach] wey dey for di field[sadeh] been come dey for di field, and before di herb [eseb]wey dey for di field been grow[tsamach]. Because di LORD God[YHVH Elohim],never make rain to fall yet for di earth[eretz], and no man [adam] been dey yet wey go dey hoe[abad] di ground [adamah ].
6 But vapour (mist) [ed] come dey, wey dey come out from di earth [eretz], wey come dey wet(water)[shaqah] all di face[panim] of di ground[adamah].
7 And di LORD God[YHVH Elohim],come make[yatsar] man [adam] from di dust[aphar] wey dey for di ground[adama], and come breath[naphach] put for inside hin nose[aph],di breath( spirit)[neshamach]wey be life[ ], and man[ ] come become person wey dey alive(living soul)[ ]



12 Feb

Hello world,

Am calling on the world to start reading the word in a big big way, like never before, christians  and non christians alike.Where ever you may be, am inviting you to a new and bibg big experience in the word of God.

Gather together one two or three days a week,to read the biblein groups for two to two and a half hours at a time, in a new and most powerfull way, and you will see the inpact it will make in your life.You may or may not be under a church setting. Am looking to individuals who are eager to know the bible more and are willing to affect the world in a big and powerful way. Are you that person then just take of by faith and seee where God takes you,in Jesus name, Amen.

THis is what you are to do:

!) start with one two or three  evenings a week, or as convinient  for you or as you are able

2)You are to start reading the bible in a new, powerfull and  dedicated way for a full two hour period,each time you meet. Followed by a free half hour period for memorising scripture, fellowship and brief prayer time.

3)Choose a book to read. Read books of 16 chapters or less 24 times, and books of over 16 chapters,12 times.When you meet each day to read, chose any of this  system to read: either people read say 5 chapters turn by turn, till the two hours is up ,or every body reading at the same time. If you choose the latter you may need need to sing a short chorus every 30 munites or so, to keep things together.But the first way is prefered

4)If you finish reading a book before the  2 hour period is up,just start again, and again till the 12 or 24 times is up, when ever that is up.

5) You will have to have some one keep the record of  your progress, and ensure proper time keeping.

6) Know that the priority is not to teach, at least not initially.the focus is to build

a)love for the word, as you read it over and over again,this will grow, and guess what people will start reading their bibles at home, more and more.

b) People will become experts of one ,two, three……books over time. A time will come when you hear a verse you will intuitively know which book it comes from at least.And that will exite and encourage you to read the word more.But many people go to church but their word knowldge is not increased, nor is there experience in God.

One of the reason people are not impacter by church messages is because the hearers are beign  taught from passages they the  hearers may not have heard before, and never go back to investigate latter on.

b)To let the Holy Spirit Himself teach the the people. Remember you need no man to teach you but the Holy Spirit Himself-see 1 John2:27. Now this is the crux of this system, it allows the individual to discover truths for  himself. One time the Holy Spirit said to me that who are you to presume that people can not find the truth for them self through reading the word. The repeated reading of the word will cause people to see things from the Lord for themself in the word , and this discovery will creat excitement in them and they will want to go deeper and  deeper, and read and search longer and longer into the word FOR THEMSELF, which is the real goal. There will be time for teaching latter if you so desire. See latter. We must allow people to find answers for themself. Telling them to write down their questions, and see if they are not answered as we read on. The aim is to build strong christians who dig out answers for themself, not pampered children.Interest is built through self search.

1 Dec

Who is a strong christian?

15 Sep

Now, this is a tough question.

I think  that a strong christian is one who has successfully mastered the art of living by faith.And this is the focus of this blog, and not just this article.Living by faith is truly an art, which has to be developed, and has many facets.It is as much a journey as it is a position.The journey can only be mastered if we know truly what is involved, and that can be a life long process. As to the position, we must be born again.If you are not born again,how can you be said to be a christian?

Certain things can be listed that are vital to being a strong christian:

  1. Experiencing the manifest love of  God,vis-a-vis  of Jesus.
  2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the regular use of the gift of speaking in tongues.
  3. Reading study and meditating of the word of God.
  4. The art of hearing from God and  knowing how one is led by the Holy Spirit.
  5. Understanding the gospel of grace.
  6. Knowing who we are in Christ, and who He is in you.
  7.  Understanding the revelation of the past tense of the word.
  8. understanding that Jesus has already died and risen, and to see scripture and christian life from this perspective.
  9. Importance of how we speak, and faith confession.
  10. The art of prayer in the light of the Pauline epistles.
  11. That we are no more sinners  but saints part of (6 above).
  12. Right understanding of the old testament and the gospels.
  13. Walking in revelation knowldge.
  14. Walking free of religion.

These are just a sample, may be there are more, but I think we can mall on these for now.

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